Groups That Grow

  • unveiled Book club

    Unveiled is the name of our women's ministry. Currently, we offer a Saturday Ladies Book Club. This group will run for 4 weeks "in the gaps" between our VGroup sessions. We have a great time working our way through God based books together.  Watch the handout or the announcements for when this group will take place and what the book will be!  You can also send an email to Leanna by clicking here for information.

  • manfood

    The name pretty much says it all!  You won't find a Pumpkin Spice Latte here, but you will find beautifully grilled and smoked meats to compliment the side dish or dessert you bring to the gathering.  There's always good food, good company and a good message from a local leader, coach or businessman.

  • Night vision

    We have an option for teens to gather together on the 2nd Sunday night of each month and it is called Night Vision.  

    This time offers both a lesson as well as fun and food and on occasion, a fun outing! Sundays during the 10:00am service we offer more of a Bible Study group in the 2Twenty2 room.  To be involved in any of the teen programs, please email John & Nicole Kearney by clicking here.

  • E.P.I.C  Equipping people in christ

    This is a new Wednesday night experience that will take place in the gaps of VGroup sessions and it is all about the LEARNING! We'll be sure to have time to say hi and chat but then we get to work in a classroom style setting for the adults and the kids.  There will be a choice of topics, just pick one and commit to the 6-weeks of the EPIC session to complete the class.

  • Ladies' Bible study

    This Ladies' group meets seasonally to learn how to study out the Bible and dive deeper into the meaning of what we're reading.  Currently, we're working our way through the book of Romans.  This group meets on Thursday nights from 6-7 when in session.  For more information please email Leanna here.