VGroups (Not all are currently meeting)

  • group 1 - graham & bri newnum

    Thursday nights @ 6:00 pm

    Our group is dedicated to meeting young families where they are.  We've built a community focused on supporting one another on the journey we're taking together, and we'd love to have you along.  Dinner's at 6PM and we try to get discussion started before 7PM.  We know childcare can be a deal-breaker, so we provide that too.  Come see us!


    Where: 9291 N. Yorkshire Ct.

    Contact: P: Graham at 388-0327 or E:

  • group 2 - doug & debbie emans

    wednesday nights @ 6:00 pm

    Our VGroup is truly our extended family with God at the center.  You can expect to be teased and razzed a little with some positive sarcasm and love in accountability and to be real and grounded in one another and God.  You will be drawn in to the conversation and experience strong emotional connections where your thoughts and opinions are welcomed for the growth of all of us.  Should you miss a week, you will be welcomed back with a smile and a hug.  Our prayer warriors are on your side to fight the daily battle to keep the fire burning strong for God, our church, and our family.

    No Childcare Available

    Hosts: Rob & Sandie Kasen

    Where: 136 E. Placita Roca De Oro

    Contact: E:

  • group 3 - Brent & Teri webb

    tuesday nights @ 6:00 pm

    Our group is our extended family and we are there for each other in friendship and prayer.  We love doing things together outside of church and group as well.  we love learning what God wants us to see and hear and then go out into our own individual little worlds and apply what we have learned.  we also love coming back each week sharing our success stories and our "not so" success stories as we went out and applied what we learned the week before.  Our group is casual and loves to joke around.  We welcome anyone new who wants to jump in with us and grow and learn in God's Word.  We'd love to see our church family grow.

    No Childcare Available

    Where: 2789 W. Camino De Las Grutas

    Contact: P: 270-5293 or E:

  • group 4 - terry and teri searer

    Tuesday nights @ 6:30 pm

    Join us for fun, conversation, sharing, prayer and learning God's Word together.  We like to meet at 6:30 so you can enjoy dinner at home with your family and then have dessert with us.  We are just "over the hill" in Picture Rocks.  It's worth the ride down our little dirt road. Hope to see you there.  Keeping Jesus first!  

    No Childcare Available

    Where: 10855 W. Orange Grove Road

    Contact: P: Terry at 444-2292 or E:

  • GRoup 5 - steve & kim henkel

    Tuesday nights @ 6:30 PM

    We want to encourage you to be a part of our group where we try to keep everything simple, comfortable and friendly.  It does not matter where you are in your understanding of God, Jesus and the bible, most people fit right in to our casual group.  We even have a few part time comedians we thankfully don't have to pay!  The desserts and conversations will refresh your week and we look forward to you joining us.


    Where: Vision Church, 222 Classroom

    Contact: E:

  • group 6 - brian & keeley ambrose

    tuesday nights @ 6:00 PM

    Attending a VGroup plays a vital role in our "walk": Our group will be forging friendships, practicing God's principals and supporting each other with life challenges.  We look forward to learning, loving and laughing with you.  


    Where: 11885 N. Gray Eagle Ave.

    Contact: P: 360-3803 E:

  • group 7 - tim & terri osborn

    tuesday nights @ 6:00 PM


    Where: 3807 E. River Rd.

    Contact: P: 240-9356


    ThursSDAY NIGHTS @ 5:30 pm

    A newer group in Marana!  We'll be serving dinner at 5:30 so you don't have to worry about feeding the kids first, and we'll provide childcare as well.  Discussion starts at 6.  Looking forward to seeing you all!


    Where: 4593 N. Avra rd.

    Contact: E: