New Testament

(A New Covenant Church)

The resurrection of Jesus fulfilled the Old Law and made it obsolete. We look to the Old Testament for wisdom and inspiration.  We look to the New Testament for application. 

A Matthew 25 Mission

Jesus spoke of a time when we will all stand before God to give an account for how we have lived our life. In story-telling form, Jesus described how the Master's evaluation is all about whether we have helped others, not rule-keeping or a naughty/nice list. In recent times, as churches and individual Christians seemed to have drifted, we're excited to return to two commands Jesus gave - to love God with all of our hearts and love our neighbors as ourselves.  Through projects, events, fund-raisers and traveling and partnering with great local organizations, Vision helps others locally and nationally in Mexico and Ethiopia.  We have a Matthew 25 Mission.

Our Mission

Just before Jesus left the Earth, He clearly spelled out our mission to go, make disciples, baptize and teach (a.k.a. The Great Commission).  This is for all believers, not just Pastors and staff.  Our goal here in the church is to equip people to work the mission "out there" where they live, work and go to school. 


A Co-Op

As churches in the 90's learned how to "brand & market", understandably, many now view churches with a consumer perspective.  "Competing for customers" is a great strategy for local businesses, but not healthy for a church.  People choose Vision because they understand they are needed to contribute to the mission God's given us. 

Video Teaching

With so many amazing teachings available online from the best teachers in the world, we like to present some of them on a big screen in our auditorium.  Our Pastor also teaches live.  Right now, it's about 50/50.  We've found the variety to be a tremendous way to learn from some of the best.  By the way, our music is always live!  And speaking of music...

Original Music

Music at Vision is everywhere and you could say that our approach isn't typical.  We use God's gift of music for praising, teaching, fund-raisers and outdoor events.  Music is powerful and a fantastic way to help us all connect with God, each other and our community.  So, every service we open with a popular cover song intentionally to help those who are new to church, to hear something familiar and fun as they walk in.  So, at any weekend service, you may hear a U2 cover, some of our Vision originals, plus a few of the best songs from Christian radio.  Our band visits prisons, plays at community events and creates music for social media.