VizKidz is the children's ministry of Vision Church.   VizKidz is offered during The Saturday at 4:00 (currently in Covid, Saturday is not a lesson) and the Sunday at 10:00 church services for children from infant through 6th grade. 2Twenty2 is for young teens, 7th grade and up, and is available Sundays at 10:00.

Our kids are growing up in an extremely fast-paced, shifting culture.  We want to help families equip their kids to live solid spiritual and physical childhood that brings them through these challenging years to become healthy and successful adults.

We have programs for all ages and most of our big events are kid-driven.We love teaching godly values and helpful life-skills by utilizing some of the best resources  available in our classes and activities.  Our big-hearted, dedicated teams never stop working to make this ministry better and better.

Questions? Please email them to the VizKidz team by clicking here.

VizKidz Corner

For April in VizKidz....

Grab your hiking boots and pitch a tent. It’s time to summit through the story of Jesus—who rose from death and gave us everything we need for our journey. This month, we’re learning about how the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection strengthens us and changes our relationships in the best way. Everyone will have a chance to put these ideas in their backpack to carry with them always: Jesus overcame death. Jesus connects us to each other. Jesus gives encouragement. We are stronger with Jesus.

Memory Verse: Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

The Jungle

Infants through 3 years

Children are never too young to begin discovering and discerning who Jesus really is. This process starts in The Jungle which is our nursery. In our nursery, Vision volunteers help your child begin to learn about God through games, fun songs, crafts and activities. We have a section dedicated to taking care of the infants which includes bouncers, swings, and rocking chairs where our volunteers love to snuggle with your little ones.  We also have a playpen just in case we have some sleepy ones. We know how scary it is to leave your little ones, when they are so little, so we have a window in the auditorium to the nursery  just for you to check in on your little one. 


Pre-K & Kindergarten (potty trained)

In Crosstown, children will begin to explore who Jesus is. They will learn more about God through stories provided through our volunteers reading or showing videos, music, crafts and group activities. We also provide time for our children to start developing appropriate social interactions through play in hopes of developing long lasting relationships. Occasionally, Crosstown will join the main church experience for the music before heading back to class for their church experience.


1st through 3rd Grades

Konnect is an experience designed for 1st through 3rd graders. Children will  learn about Jesus and learn what it means to be a Christian. These key lessons are taught through a combination of video and live presentations, music, and more in-depth discussion. As our children begin to understand more of Jesus, we invite them to start developing healthy learning habits including memorizing versus, reading their Bible and prompting discussion with parents, siblings and friends. Occasionally they will join the main church experience for the music

before heading back to class for their church experience.

The Loop

4th through 6th Grades

In the Loop, children begin making that transition from “kid” to “pre-teen”. It is in this transition where children begin to grasp who Jesus really is. Occasionally the Loop will join the main church experience for the music and then come back to their classroom for an experience designed specifically for their age group and developmental level. The Loop class includes video presentation, real-life situation discussions and activities to help guide these pre-teens in a world that challenges the way Jesus tells us to live. 6th graders will also be invited to 2Twenty2 and NightVision (teen) functions so they can begin to develop relationships as they prepare to make the transition from “pre-teen” to “teenager.”


7th grade and up

This is the young teens (7th grade and up) group that meets on Sundays during the 10am service. This group is geared towards what young teens are dealing with in their lives and how the Bible helps to direct them in it all. We have a group of Adult leaders that rotate throughout the month to provide a multitude of perspectives and mentorship for this group of young teens. Upper classman are welcome to join in at any time. For any questions or comments, contact Rachel at

Waiver for events

What's The Point? For 2Twenty2

For April, the point is....



Waiting is inevitable. It could mean that the stadium is at capacity, there aren’t enough tables at your favorite restaurant on your birthday, the pair of shoes you really wanted is out of stock. Or, it could be more serious things like waiting for test results or waiting on help while making a big decision. Abraham and Sarah. Paul and Silas. Saul and David. David and Goliath. Their stories all have something to teach students about what is happening during the season of being “waitlisted”. God has a plan, but we might have to wait for it. And, while we’re waiting, God is faithful, listening, and hopes you don’t give up— because God doesn’t give up on you.

The 2Twenty2 Team