Giving with Pushpay


Connection and generosity anytime, anywhere is now a reality thanks to Pushpay, the leading provider of church app experiences and mobile giving technology to the faith sector. In today’s world, “online giving” and “digital giving” are no longer cutting edge. Phones have evolved into smartphones, and these personal devices are linking people everywhere to the outside world on their own terms.  Pushpay is a cloud-based online payment solution.  Pushpay lets users maintain a database of gift entries and donor information including contact details, amounts, payment methods and dates. Donors can also send recurring gifts. Set it up once and it will continue to give on whatever scale you set up.  Vision Church now utilizes Pushpay for all of our Tithing and Giving needs.  

To stay up to date with all that is going on at Vision Church, download our free app powered by Pushpay! Simply text: VisionAZ App to 833-599-3636 You can also give from the app any time, safely and securely!

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